Saturday, January 19, 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips!!

ok. so. I'm in love with baby lips. I have all of them available in the US and I've held off doing a review until I finally got the last two yesterday FOREVER AGO BUT BLOGGER WOULDN'T LET ME UPLOAD PHOTOS :( . so the ones that were able to complete my collection are Yummy Plummy and Melon Mania. I really hope that Maybelline releases the color adjusting ones that they have in other countries. that would be amazing!!!! so. I use Baby Lips when I want color on my lips, but not too much, I'm not a bold lip kinda girl. I play around with colors when I'm at home, but I would never leave the house in it. I especially like Grape Vine for the winter, it gives a sheer purple/wine color, it wonderful. When I want to draw more attention to my eyes(because my lips are already deep in color theyre a hot pink/red/mauve color) I put on Peach Kiss for a "nude" lip color, and its got shimmer in it so I don't look like my lips are dead. :)

all U.S. Baby Lips from left to right: Pink Wink, Peppermint, Cherry Me, Grape Vine, Peach Kiss, Quenched, Pink Wink(Limited Edition), Coral Crush(Limited Edition), Twinkle(Limited Edition), Melon Mania(Limited Edition), Yummy Plummy(Limited Edition)

Pink Wink in the tube

Pink Wink swatch

Peppermint in the tube

Peppermint swatch

Cherry Me in the tube

Cherry Me swatch

Grape Vine in the tube

Grape Vine swatch

Peach Kiss in the tube(contains shimmer/glitter)

Peach Kiss swatch

Quenched in the tube

Quenched swatch

Pink Wink in the tube

Pink Wink swatch

Coral Crush in the tube

Coral Crush swatch

Twinkle in the tube

Twinkle swatch

Melon Mania in the tube

Melon Mania swatch

Yummy Plummy in the tube

Yummy Plummy swatch

Subscription services

this post is more for a "hey! Katlyne, you need to remember what all you pay for!!!"

Julep-$19.99(I really like this one, but I'm not sure I can justify $20 on nail polish)
Ipsy-$10.00(this ones staying. I don't care about anything else but this one)
Sample Society-$15.00(silly girl. you've cancelled this. you don't want anti-aging)
The Look Bag-$12.95(oops. no. they've cancelled that for you, which sucks, it was your favorite)
Jewelmint-$29.95(it was a one-time order, you really need to call and cancel that..)
JustFab(2)-$39.95EACH(you REALLY need to call and cancel that. it was a one time order. really good sale)
BeautyArmy-$12.00(its ok. luckily, you can skip months until you like stuff. you can also skip julep.)