Saturday, February 16, 2013

Julep Valentine's Day Mystery Box

sooo, I just wanted to make a REALLY quick post about Julep's most recent mystery box for Valentine's day. my first foray into Julep's mystery boxes was the New Year's mystery box and that one was REALLY good, so I went ahead and got this one too because well, why not? I love valentine's day and Julep gave me a good mystery box last time. so I was expecting it to be about the same quality. but honestly, it wasn't. not even close. I got 5 polishes and a lip gloss(I effing hate lip gloss. you don't even know) and in the other mystery box I got 4 polishes, a top coat, a glitter product, a full size lotion-y type product, and some packets of stuff. so when comparing the two: the v-day one really sucks. hard. so I don't think I'll be buying another mystery box from them unless they GUARANTEE some cool A.F. stuff. seriously. even their Feb. maven box was better than the mystery box. it makes me quite sad. I hope they somehow see my sadness and promise to make their next one better. cuz till then. it ain't happenin' :/

             KATLYNE S. :* muah. take all my kisses!!!!!