Saturday, January 19, 2013

Subscription services

this post is more for a "hey! Katlyne, you need to remember what all you pay for!!!"

Julep-$19.99(I really like this one, but I'm not sure I can justify $20 on nail polish)
Ipsy-$10.00(this ones staying. I don't care about anything else but this one)
Sample Society-$15.00(silly girl. you've cancelled this. you don't want anti-aging)
The Look Bag-$12.95(oops. no. they've cancelled that for you, which sucks, it was your favorite)
Jewelmint-$29.95(it was a one-time order, you really need to call and cancel that..)
JustFab(2)-$39.95EACH(you REALLY need to call and cancel that. it was a one time order. really good sale)
BeautyArmy-$12.00(its ok. luckily, you can skip months until you like stuff. you can also skip julep.)

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